According to a recent poll conducted by Stockton University, New Jersey residents are divided on the idea of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Of the 728 adults who were interviewed, 49% said they would support the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey, while 44% were opposed to the idea. About 5% of the respondents were unsure.

The poll also revealed that young adults and men more generally support legalization as compared to older adults and women. Roughly 64% of the respondents under the age of 50 support legalization, whereas only 41% of the poll participants over the age of 50 support the move. Similarly, 56% of men are in support, as opposed to only 44% of women.

A majority of those in support of legalizing marijuana for recreational use point to enhanced tax revenue as their main reason for supporting legalization, while opponents fear that legalization will lead to an increase in health problems and addiction.

During his campaign for governor, Governor Murphy promised to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults over the age of 21, framing it as a social justice issue as well as a means of increasing the state’s tax revenue. Currently, marijuana is only legal for medical purposes in New Jersey.

Complete poll results can be found here.